Clergy Caught Up In A National Debt Scandal

It never rains but pours as research by a UK based political analyst, Mr Alex Tawanda Magaisa reviewed that some men and women of cloth are owing the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe through its farm mechanisation scheme which happened between 2007 and 2008.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe had launched the Farm Mechanisation Programme with the aim to enhance productivity on the farms through mechanisation. According to the research, RBZ procured agricultural equipment worth US200 million through its subsidiary FISCORP.

The initiative was to give loans to farmers in return the farmers were supposed to pay back the loans or risk the terms of collateral. However these men and women of the cloth together with other elites never paid back the money and now the economy is dying.

Ezekiel Guti of Zaoga church is said to be owing US$116,693.00. Nehemiah Mutendi of ZCC church is owing US$586,600.00. Nolbert Kunonga of Anglican church is owing US$98,661.00 whereas Agatha Kunonga is owing US$58,318.00. Rutendo Wutawunashe of Body of Christ church is owing US$18,200.00 to RBZ and the nation at large.

It is surprising how the people of the cloth who are supposed to be “the brother’s keeper” are now the ones who oppress the masses. Right now the debt is being paid by the majority (tax payers) through the RBZ’s Debt Assumption Act which was passed in 2015 which was labeled as not fair by the political analyst saying, “Why should the rest of poor Zimbabweans pay the debt incurred by a few elites who benefited under that scheme?”

“The scripture teach that believers shall not steal and that they shall honour their obligations. After all, do the scriptures not say render unto Caeser what belongs to Caeser and to God what belongs to God? Why then when debts fall due, men and women of the cloth do not seem to render to Caeser things that are Caeser’s? Magaisa says.

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