Thigh Showdown: Who Takes The Crown?

SOME men prefer them slender while others are more impressed by the chubbier types.

In showbiz are all these types, coming in all shapes and sizes. Yet whatever shape, these ladies have turned heads and wringing men’s necks to a  breaking point.

But in this short piece we want to find out from you our readers who wins from this clash of the “thigh-tans” in local showbiz.

The Zimbabwe social media scene has in recent days been set ablaze by an avalanche of hot pics by raunchy Singer Sandra Ndebele. She has been releasing hot pic after hot pic, much to the delight of Zimbabwean netizens.

Not to be outdone is the queen of swagger, Pokello Nare, who is no stranger to the scene, as we have seen dozens of her own pics. This has led to comparisons on who is the hottest among the beauties.

So, who do you thinks takes the crown as the most beautiful plump.


Hogging the limelight in 2011 was Pokello Nare, the ex-girlfriend to Desmond Chideme aka Stunner. As she entered the hall of fame, she started her clothing line and to market it well, she played the model. Inasmuch as she would post images of herself skimpy dressed, revealing her vanilla skinned thighs much for the amusement of her followers.  She recently announced that most Zimbabwean women don’t quite know how to bath properly.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

Daughter to former Health and Child Care Minister and Zanu Pf politburo member, Dr David Parirenyatwa, is Ruvheneko. A journalist by profession and seasoned broadcaster who has worked for Capitalk Radio, a Zimpapers owned radio station, as well as ZiFM stereo which is own by AB Communications. She has also had a short stint at ZBC.  She is also a social media favourite and turns heads.

Sandra Ndebele

First known to Zimbabweans as a performer at State sponsored entertainment galas which were a regular feature at the turn of the millenium, she charmed revellers with her traditional costumes and raunchy dances. Sandra has a collaboration with one of South Africa’s best house music artists Professor dubbed Lizwile. Many a Zimbabwean had missed  her  spicy on the entertainment scene, But that was until mid July, when she started unleashing a string of spicy pics of her voluptuous body day after day. She has set social media ablaze. These photos have been labelled by proponents of the 31st July protests as a ruling Zanu Pf party sponsored distraction ahead of the much anticipated protests which are meant to protest against alleged Government corruption and ineptitude.

The pic avalanche by the raunchy singer has led to a Zimdancehall artist releasing a song in praise of Sandra’s “goodness”.

Kuda is a seasoned journalist & writer with a special focus on current business, tech, health as well as entertainment news.

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