Chivhu Shootings, Plot Owner Speaks

Two men who allegedly stormed Chivhu Police Post on Saturday and shot two soldiers, one fatally, were yesterday killed in a gun battle with security forces, who had cornered the duo hiding in an anti hill pit, at a plot which is located along the Chivhu-Gutu road.

The plot’s bustop is called Dingane and is located 16km from Chivhu.

We got the chance to speak to the owner of the plot whose name we can’t reveal.

According to the plot owner, the ‘criminals’ traveled on foot from Chivhu through the forest and that was how the soldiers were able to track them to the plot as they also had police dogs.

The plot owner said the whole community is happy and grateful to the soldiers for rescuing them from a possible ambush from the ‘criminals.’

“I would like to thank these soldiers for the good job they did. Who knows, maybe we were going to be attached by the criminals during the night since they were hiding here.

“The soldiers were very nice to us, they were very respectful and polite. They made sure that we were protected. We are very grateful.” She said.

Besides the pistol they used in the murder, the ‘assailants’ were also armed with the two rifles they seized from the soldiers they shot on Saturday.

According to the source, no one else at the plot was shot except for the two ‘criminals’ and one soldier who was shot in the leg during the battle.


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