Police And Soldiers Also Boarding Public Transportation

It is ironical that the same police and soldiers that are arresting commuter omnibus operators and everyone found in the kombis can be found boarding those same kombis to and from their work places.

Due to shortages of Zupco buses and Zupco kombis in urban areas, police and soldiers are seen boarding the ordinary kombis that are ‘illegally’ operating on the roads.

If anyone is caught by the police being transported inside a kombi, the liable fine is 500 rtgs which was rumored that is going to be increased to 1000 rtgs in a few days.

The fine is payable only in cash and swipe. No Ecocash or One money is accepted.

What baffles most people is this concept of fining people found boarding the kombis when there is a shortage of transportation on the road.

To make matter worse, not only public citizens are boarding kombis but essential services are also seen boarding the kombis.

The Transport situation in urban areas has reached its peak as people are spending hours standing on bustops waiting for transportation resulting to them getting late to their destinations.

During pick hours, the Zupco bus stations will be flooded with people fighting to get transportation to and from work. This is when the kombi comes to rescue the situation.

However the police argue that the banning of ordinary kombis on the road is to prevent the spreading of corona virus since the kombis does not provide proper sanitisation and social distancing.


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