President Reinstates Gata As ZESA Executive Chairman

The once suspended executive chairman of ZESA holdings Dr. Sydney Gata has been re-instated to his position as  the executive chairman.

Secretary for Information Nick Mangwana this afternoon said, Gata was to carry on as the executive chairman whilst still going under investigations.

“In order to ensure there is leadership at the helm of ZESA, it is directed as follows; 1 – Dr Gata be allowed to carry on with his duties as Executive Chairman while investigations are on-going. 2- Other Board members carry in their positions until finalization of investigations.” He said.

The reinstatement comes after ZACC cleared him of 4 out of the 6 corruption allegations against him.

Gata was once married to the late ex President Robert Mugabe’s sister Ntombana Regian Mugabe. He is now married to and has 2 children with Angeline Mayahle. Harare’s rumour mill has it that Angeline’s sister, Molline Mayahle, is allegedly President Mnangagwa’s “girlfriend”.


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