Traders Offered Cheaper Covid-19 Testing

Cross Boarder Traders Association leader Killer Zivhu says his organisation entered into a deal with private laboratories ( names not mentioned) to test its members when they depart and enter the country.

Addressing journalist in Bulawayo on Friday, Zivhu said the laboratory has agreed to offer covid 19 tests to traders going to South Africa at a single fee of US$35 ahead of the opening of the borders.

“We have gone further whereby we requested our minimum charge will be $35, but on this $35, they will be tested when they are going out of the country and also tested upon return on that same figure.”

The south African borders are yet to open on the 1st of October but therefore require a covid 19 negative test result not older than 72 hours.

Covid – 19 test used to cost US$60 the cheapest at private clinics.

“The major challenge is the money that is needed because a minimum of US$60 is very expensive considering that most of the people have been out of business for months since the borders were closed,

“We have thus entered into a deal with a local laboratory to do the COVID-19 tests for our members.” He said.

Meanwhile, Mr Zivhu said the tests will be conducted in all 10 provinces.

“So, what we saw is that money is not important but the life of our members and their families and the life of fellow Zimbabweans and the life of South Africans. We needed a laboratory that can test our people at an affordable cost.

“The tests will be done in all the 10 provinces, samples will be collected from recognised health centres and are now available. People can get their certificates and it’s good news to our members who have been idle for a long time,” Zivhu said.


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