Prevent Veld Fires: EMA

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has urged communities to always be vigilant and prevent the spread of veld fires.

In a statement, EMA’s environmental education and publicity manager, Ms Amkela Sidange said the organisation is offering awareness and veld fire prevention meetings to communities around the country.

“We are also increasing our awareness meetings and trainings to sensitise communities on veld fire prevention.” She said.

Ms Sidange said it is an offence to start veld vires.

“I plead with the public not to start fires unnecessarily during the fire season. Failure to comply will attract a fine or imprisonment or both.

“The veld is now dry and weather conditions are hot and windy, thus very conducive for veld fires to occur. She said.

“Let’s all prevent veld fires and sustain biodiversity,”  Sidange added.

The fire season starts from July 31 to October 31.


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