Water Woes In Glenview

It is a struggle everyday in a high density suburb called Glenview as people wake up to dry tapes 4 to 5 days per week without running water. Long queues can be seen from as early as 5am at a borehole that was drilled at Glenview 1 shops, the queues stretching towards the road.

Glenview 1 has experienced rampant water shortages this whole year with the water coming just twice per week if it’s a good week and sometimes not coming at all, the whole week.

They say water is life.

The water shortages rocking the high density suburb has reduced the livelihood of Glenview residents, sanity is disregarded and waterborne diseases are at a high risk.

In an interview with some of the residents, 263times found out that it is even a struggle to find water at the City Council drilled boreholes. There are already self employed water sales people who are always the first ones to arrive at the borehole, get so many water then sell it at rtgs$10 per bucket. This then lead the ordinary citizens to find other alternatives like buying water from other private owned boreholes or just by from the salesmen.

“We can’t get water here. There are already those people waiting with more than 30 buckets which they will then sell to us. So it’s either we stand here the whole day until they finish filling their buckets, or we buy from them, or even buy from boreholes at other people’s homes which is very expensive.” Said one Gogo Mukaro.

These water shortages if the council does not intervene will see another typhoid rise in the high density suburbs or even cholera.

Last year, officials in Harare report seeing 858 typhoid cases in six months, with the suburbs of Glen View and Budiriro hit the hardest.






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