The Disabled Have A Right To Vote

Research and advocacy officer at National Association Of Socities For The Care Of The Handicapped (NASCOH), Mr Henry Masaya has urged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to include voters rights education to the disabled who feel as though they have no right to vote.

Speaking during a zoom meeting by ZEC on Friday, Mr Masaya said people with disabilities need to be educated that they too have a right to vote.

“ZEC should meet the disabled, and educate them on their right to vote and also educate the community that the disabled have a right to vote.

“The disabled sometimes suffer from stigma and they feel like they don’t have a right to vote.” He said.

Furthermore, Mr Masaya urged ZEC to also educate people with intellectual disability on their right to vote.

“ZEC should also educate people with intellectual disability, the information materials should be simplified to meet their knowledge. Mr Masaya said.

Meanwhile, Mr Bruce Nyoni of Albino Trust also urged ZEC to educate the people with Albinism that they too also have a right to vote.





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