Mbare Musika Renovations Cause Havok

Harare City’s Mbare Musika renovation process has caused more confusion at the already busy bus terminus as non ZUPCO buses have resorted to loading just outside the terminus causing more congestion.

The Harare City Council recently closed the Mbare Musika bus station for public transportation in a bid to erect sheds for passengers, boom gates and ablution facilities.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, city authorities said the Mbudzi Complex Car Park and Machipisa terminus Travellers will cater for people travelling to Masvingo, Chiredzi and Beitbridge while those going to Mutare, Mutoko, Murewa and Goromonzi will use Simon Muzenda (formerly 4th street) terminus and those travelling to Bulawayo, Mt Darwin, Bindura, Chiweshe, Shamva and Chinhoyi will use the Coventry Road Holding Bay.

However this has not been the case, as ordinary buses (non zupco) travelling long distances still pick and drop passengers outside the bus terminus, causing congestion.

In an interview, Harare City Spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said only buses with Covid-19 compliance permits will be allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at the alternative pick-up points.

“We urge travellers and bus operators to comply and take due care to maintain orderliness and the safety of the public travelling public,” he said.

After all is said and done, mbare musika is still chaotic and worse than ever as passengers and busses are now conducting their businesses everywhere.



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