Prophet Passion Java Speaks On Ginimbi

A Socialite business man, Genius ”Ginimbi” Kadungure who died in a fatal car accident along Borrowdale Road, Harare, Sunday morning around 5am, is said to be declared as a national hero by Prophet Java.

Ginimbi who had recently turned (36) died when his Rolls-Royce Wraith collided head on with a Honda-fit while driving back to Domboshava home in the company of Limumba  Karim, who is believed to be a Malawian origin and two female passengers.

Pastor Passion Java mourns Ginimbi and has said that Genius was a brother to him as well as a hero who was a great man and he should be declared as a National Hero.

”The Zimbabweans have lost a hero,a legend and he has to be in the Heroes Anchor, he is a great man. Ndarwadziwa,” said Passion Java.

Passion Java continues to express his pain in the video and he pleads with God to comfort the Kadungure Family.

”I have heard this news, am hurt, May God comfort the Kadungure Family.” Said Passion.

Furthermore, Passion Java has revealed that  they had good relationship between them though people they were enemies as they would create internet content.

”This is the God of prophet Passion, I come to you, with a heavy heart, beacause of the passing of my brother, my partner, my friend, my big brother , my hero Genius Kadungure has gone to be with the Lord, you know some of you may think that, me and my brother were enemies but we were actually friends, as we woulld create internet content.” Said Passion.



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