It Never Rains But Pours For Chivhu killer

When God created man, he told him to love one another, he also told him to preserve his neighbours’ life, but such is not the case in Zimbabwe anymore as witnessed by a series of gruesome murders occurring in the land between the Zambezi and the limpopo.

Life is so important, it’s an wonderful experience being alive. It’s meant to be preserved at all costs; but the recently reported gruesome murder of four children by their mother, Emelda Marazani, leaves one wondering if we are still living in a normal society anymore. Our values seem to be fast eroding and the question that comes to mind is if there is still any respect of human life in our conscience.

Confusion has filled the hearts of many, due to  a case of gruesome murder that occurred at house number 4171 Highview Suburb in Chivhu yesterday the 11th of November at 1200hours.

The whole country is still trying to recover from a heinous murder of 7yr old Tapiwa Makore of Murehwa, who was brutally killed by his uncle (his name sake), and now we have to deal with another gruesome murder of four children, only this time murdered by their own mother, which occurred yesterday.

The suspect, Emelda Marazani (29) is alleged to  have had a marital dispute with her husband, one Lameck Brande (43), and when he left for work in the morning, the suspect is reported to have locked the children aged nine (9), five (5), three (3) and one (1) year old in the house before tying them up and slitting their throats.

She is said to have taken a rope and tied the two elder children before slitting open their throats with a knife before setting the house on fire.

Zimbabweans are left with many unanswered questions considering that the suspect is said to be the mother, of the children. This horrendous act is not expected of a mother in society. People are finding it hard to comprehend the depth of such an evil act committed by a parent.

Emelda is reported to have handed herself over to the police, after she had taken poison but didn’t succumb to it.

It’s reported that her neighbours saw smoke coming out of her house and asked her what was happening to which she stated that everything was in order.

It seems people have lost the importance of life which is meant to be precious. Tapiwa Makore was killed by his own uncle and the Chivhu children have been killed by their mother.

Meanwhile, the Police are now conducting investigations into this unfortunate and sad incident of four kids and the police have the remains of the children’s bodies.

Meanwhile the woman is in hospital under police guard and when asked by reporters on the incident she said that she didn’t regret the act, adding that her husband loved the children more than her.



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