Teachers’ Unions Reject 41% Salary Increase

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) Secretary, Mr Raymond Majongwe says as teachers they do not agree with government’s 41% salary increase saying it does not tally with their demands.

In an interview with 263times, Mr Raymond Majongwe said contrary to popular belief teachers did not come to an agreement with the government yesterday at the NJNC meeting which was held in Harare.

”We have not reached to an agreement with the government yesterday, simply because we do not agree as they are giving us what we are not expecting, because when one goes to hunt for a buffalo and catches a cat then he can not come home saying l got the buffalo..” he said.

The stand off between the government and the teachers has reached to a tipping point with most of the teachers’ unions declaring that the government should respect and accept their needs so that they can be on the same page.

Teachers are demanding salary increase of USD$ 520 or rtgs equivalent.

The government proposed that the lestt paid teacher will get a minimum salary of $18 000 rtgs.

Meanwhile, Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) on twitter posted that the teachers will make a decision through a vote.

“As was to be expected the sellouts swallowed the poisoned carrots at NJNC. Signatures won’t capacitate teachers. We have taken the issue to a vote. The teachers will make their decision through a vote. Bureaucrats don’t run our lives.” They said

Furthermore, the students’ education continues to be at stake considering that they did not go to school for 8 months and even now they are being sent back home everyday as the teachers refuse to teach till the government meet their demands.



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