Malawi ministers met Bushiri before his dramatic escape to his home country

South African news media house, TIMESLIVE reports that two members of the Malawian government delegation that visited SA last week met fugitive and self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri in Pretoria, shortly before he reportedly fled the country for his homeland Malawi.

The delegation was in SA for President Lazarus Chakwera’s meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa. The Malawian government reportedly confirmed the meeting but stressed that it did not help Bushiri to flee the country.

Meanwhile Bushiri and his wife Mary, who were both arrested in Lilongwe by Malawian police have since been granted bail and ordered not to leave Malawi.

The bail condition not to leave Malawi has sent tongues wagging on Social Media, with some assuming this to be a Machiavellian move by Bushiri.

Reports also claim that this move by Malawian authorities to confine Bushiri to Malawi could be in retaliation to South Africa’s alleged refusal to repatriate the late Karim Limumba, a Malawian citizen who died in a car crash in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 8th of November in an accident that also claimed the lives of Zimbabwean socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Michelle Moana Mimi Amuli and a Mozambique Model named Alishia.

Karim, who resided in Sandton, South Africa was wanted by Malawian authorities in connection with a USD$32million dollar fraud case known as cash-gate.


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