NetOne rewards loyal customers with the newly Introduced GigaThanksPromotion

Mobile Network Operator NetOne has decided to reward it’s loyal clients with it’s newly launched campaign aptly named  “GigaThanksPromo”, in which customers stand a chance of winning data bundles and airtime every week for being loyal to the network service provider.

The promotion runs from the 12th of November 2020 to the 12th of February 2021.

The GigaThanksPromo seeks to reward existing as well as new customers while also incentivizing dormant clients to restart using Netone sim cards. Dormant subscribers being targeted are those that haven’t used their lines in the last 90 days.

In a statement NetOne said, “300 000 customers that have been loyal to NetOne for three years and above  will be selected to receive a once off gift of 1GB, from the 12th of  November  2020 to the 12th  of February 2021. This means 25 000 subscibers will get free data every week, which can be  used for an internet related activity over a period of 48hours depending on their usage.  The 300 000 subscibers  will be selected randomly each week and SMS notifications will be sent to the lucky customers.”

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest Telecoms company said customers that buy and register their sim card within the 3 months that the promotion is running will receive free data and airtime on the day and on the 30th, 60th and 90th  day after joining and the benefits range from 100MB of data to 500MB and are valid for up to 48hours.

Speaking at the launch of the “GigaThanks Promo”  NetOne Head of Public Relations, Dr Eldrette Shereni said, “Despite the challenges poised by the Covid-19 pandemic, NetOne recorded a 1.6% growth according to the POTRAZ Second quarter report and this growth could only been achieved through  the unwavering support of our customers. NetOne through the “GigaThanks Promo”  is saying thank you to our valued subscribers who have stood with and made us their network of choice.”




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