Commuters fail To Observe Covid -19 Precautions

Current reports and statistics shows that Zimbabwe could already be in the 2nd phase of Covid -19 which is considered to be more deadly than the first.

The economic situation in Zimbabwe has forced most commuters to risky behavior as they hustle for survival in town and then decide to board Zupco transportation after hustles.

The economic situation has forced commuters to join long winding zupco queues where social distancing is no longer considered.

In an interview yesterday commuters at Copa cabbana bus station said they are aware of Covid -19 but there is nothing they can do as they all want to go home saying pressure is much better considering that private cars are costly.

”We are aware of Covid -19¬† but we are now leaving everything to God as we are used to pressure and it has become a normal thing for us because we cant afford private cars everyday which are costly considering the money we get from work ,” Said a security guard who refused to be named.

Some people assume that, covid 19 is not for Zimbabweans and Africans but rather for white people.

”Hapana kusiri kufa, mask is boring we hardly breathe thus why we remove masks sometimes, besides Covid 19 is simply not us Zimbabweans and Africans, its for white people only.” Said a woman called Magogo.

”A lot has to be balanced in our lives, the fear of getting Covid 19 and feeding our children at the same time, paying school fees and we can not do that whilst at home, the few cents¬† we get from hustling we save and come to Zupco bus that we can afford .” Said one man who spoke on condition on anonymity.

Meanwhile, rainy season is approaching and wet weather may increase the risk of getting Covid 19.

It is important for commuters to follow World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines as some of the commuters seem not to know the guidelines.

Health experts have warned that the city could be facing a second wave of Covid 19 infections and if residents do not adhere to stipulated regulations especially the commuters of Zupco buses then covid -19 will continue to surge in Zimbabwe.

Moreover, some commuters refuse to be sanitized.

”Some commuters refuse to be sanitized saying sanitizers irritates them.” Said a Zupco conductor who refused to be named.

The whole country is under threat from the Covid -19 virus.

In Bulawayo, cases continue to spike and as of today, it has been reported that 4 more people died of the virus in the second largest city.






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