Thunderstorms Expected Across The Country

The Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe (MET) has predicted heavy rains throughout the country.

In a statement, the MET department said from yesterday until Friday the 27 of November, the whole country is likely to experience heavy rainfall with thunderstorms.

“From today, Monday 23, widespread thunderstorms are expected across the country, with heavy falls (In excess of 30mm in 24 hours) in some places. The statement read in part.

The Met department said the storm will be accompanied by strong winds and lightning across the whole country until Saturday when it will ease off for a while.

“These storm which are starting off in Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, Midlands, Masvingo and Bulawayo Metropolitan as moisture drifts in from a cloud system over Botswana, are accompanied by strong winds as well as lightning and possibly hails.

“Similar conditions should spread north- eastward to affect all Mashonaland Provinces as well as Harare Metropolitan from Thursday into Friday, and slightly ease off on Saturday 28 November.” The statement further read.

The rains have already started to fall on most parts of the country especially in the Matabeleland province and Bulawayo province. Harare is yet to receive the rains.

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