Moana’s Father Wins Burial Case

High Court Judge Justice Pisirai Kwenda has today ruled that the late socialite Moana can now be buried by her father.

Moana who succumbed to an accident almost three weeks ago haven’t been buried yet, with both her separated parents fighting for the right to bury her.

The father, Ismael Amuli however won the case and is to bury his daughter in consultation with Moana’s mother Yolander Kuvaonga.

“The burial rights are awarded to the father of the deceased to lead the burial ceremonies of the deceased and in consultation with the mother of the deceased and the maternal family…” The High Court decided.

Moana died together with socialite and business man Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi) together with two other foreigners when Ginimbi’s rolls royce crushed into a honda fit and burnt to flames along Borrowdale road in Harare.

Justice Kwenda’s full ruling


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