Millions to feast on Pfumvudza

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mtsvangwa says over two million households have so far benefited from government’s Pfumvudza  agricultural support scheme.

Addressing a post cabinet media briefing, Minister Mutsvagwa said there is a progress in the National Enhanced Crop Productivity Programme ( Command or Smart Agriculture Programme).

”Regarding the Pfumvudza Programme, Cabinet was informed that households supported under the Programme has increased from 1,8 million to 2,2 million,

”All the 2,2 million families enrolled had been automatically entered in the Pfumvudza competition for all the crops with a total of 2 139 275 households trained on the farming programme,” she said.

Furthermore, she noted that, 285 440 hectares of the targeted 290 000 hectares  had been registered by 11 829  farmers, and 43 067 hectares had been registered for soya beans out of the targeted 60 000 hectares by 932 farmers on National enhanced Crop Productivity Programme.

Meanwhile, under the Presidential Cotton Programme, Cabinet approved cotton ”Pfumvudza” pack comprising of 6 kg seed, 80 kg basal fertilizer, 40 kg top dressing and the prerequisite herbicides and the chemicals reducing the seed allocation from 20 kg seed to match fertilizers provided to the farmers.

”Concerning preparedness for the 2020/2021 season in the tobacco sector, Cabinet noted that a total area of 28 292 hectares had been planted as at 25 November 2020, compared to 27 181 hectares planted in the previous season.” Minister Mutsvangwa said.

Meanwhile, 34 bulls in livestock Growth have been distributed to 34 chiefs in Matabeleland South and a number of 450 tractors distributed to farmers through designated banks.


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