Police Woman Rapped Over Assault

An un identified Kwekwe police woman has been criticised on social media after she is seen in a video at a high school slapping school kids for allegedly not wearing face marks.

In a video that went viral on social media, the police woman was captured slapping a boy and a girl while her male colleague watch.

Journalist and anti corruption activist, Hopewell Chin’ono posted the video on his twitter handle and accused the whole issue on corruption. He however offered to donate 5000 face masks to schools.

“This police-woman was slapping all school kids without masks at Kwekwe High. These kids come from poor homes due economic decadence caused by looting & plunder of Zim’s resources. This is the result of corruption. I have 5000 masks, schools without masks inbox. 1st come basis.” He said.

Politician David Coltart said what the police woman did was unacceptable and therefore called upon the police force to identify and discipline her.

“I am deeply concerned by this video. A police officer should never assault children in a school or anywhere, particularly in these circumstances. This officer needs to be identified and severely disciplined if not discharged from the police force. This conduct is unacceptable.” He said.

MDC Alliance spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere said, “we live in a country where police will slap around a schoolchild for not having a mask. Their toxic, violent nature knows no bounds. Corporal punishment is unconstitutional. Those who are meant to protect society have become our biggest threat.” She said.

Meanwhile, National Police Spokesperson, Assistance Commissioner Paul Nyathi in an interview said he is also waiting to find out more on the video.

“I also want to find out so I can’t talk about something which I’m not fully aware of, you can call me later, I also want to find out.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended the use of face masks as a safety measure against the spread of corona virus. The Corona virus which had so far claimed 280 lives in Zimbabwe a great spike of Covid- 19 cases especially in schools has become a cause of concern to everyone, however the police woman seem to have gone too far by beating up students over face masks.






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