Vendors Turn The Streets Into Market Place

Harare vendors have turned a local highway into a market place as they flock back to sell on the roadsides in an attempt to maximize profits.

The vendors at Copacabana Street in the CBD near Food World said the overtaking of the street by vendors is an attempt to curb the effects of the Covid -19 lock down restrictions which had greatly affected their business.

Vendors suggested that the economic pressure has forced them to behave this way.

”The economic pressure, everything is just upside down, we have so many responsibilities as mothers and the best way is to come to the streets every morning in Harare to sell our staff and produce.” One vendor said.

The economic pressure is forcing locals to occupy the streets in Harare in their hundreds to sell their products ignoring the impact of the Covid- 19.

”We would rather be out on the streets despite the Covid- 19 restrictions because we can not afford to die of hunger, Our motto as vendors is better die trying than die of the Covid -19,” Said another vendor.

The highway in Harare which was used to be commuter omnibus patrolled starts to fill up with vendors from early morning till late with vendors selling everything from clothes to vegetables and fruits.

A local banana and apple vendor Tafadzwa Nyika said that the main road is wide enough to park a lorry and is a perfect place for them to maximize profits since the places designated for them have limited time.

“The main road is wide enough and is a perfect place for us to sell our staff than the designated places that were given to us by the city council which have limited time and less customers unlike here in town.” He said.

Recently, local vendors in Harare and those who sell clothes at the construction House had a clash with the police authorities who patrol in Harare resulting in many deserting their goods which was later picked by passersby.

”Yes the police do come everyday, sometimes tinenge tichingohwandawo, they come to chase us away but that is the hustle, we can not stop because the situation forces us to come here daily and sell,” said Isaac who sells at construction.

The National Covid -19 lock down which started in March has been in effect for almost 9 months now and has left many vendors struggling to make ends.



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