Road Conditions Worsen During Rainy Season

During the rainy season in Zimbabwe roads and pavements in the CBD deteriorates due to various factors like poor drainage and poor maintenance of roads that worsen especially in the rainy season becoming dangerous to many drivers.

Farmers in Zimbabwe always welcome rain with smiling faces, but it is important for drivers to use caution when driving in wet and rainy conditions since the road conditions worsen during this time of the year.

Potholes make it tough for motorists to drive in these poor road conditions. Recently in Kambuzuma, a car was stuck in a wide pothole that was filled with water at Rugare bus stop main road.

Some Drivers in Zimbabwe are not experienced with driving in harsh weather conditions when there are bad roads resulting to many accidents during this time.

Our road conditions stress drivers as they drive in fear of accidents.

” Most roads are bad and they become worse during the rainy season, there are so many potholes, this time of the year really stresses us as drivers as we drive in fear,” Said a Chitungwiza driver.

The choice to speed in the rain can have fatal consequences .

The safe speed for the motorist can depend on how wet the road is and how much traffic.

Drivers suggested that roads need to be repaired to reduce the predicaments they are facing during this rainy season.

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