Murder Cases A Call For Concern

Despite being a Christian dominated country where Christianity teaches love and humility, the number of violent deaths happening in the country is a call for concern.

Our values seem to be fast eroding and the question that comes in most minds is if there is still respect for human life. What is causing such hatred, bitterness and bloodshed in different localities in Zimbabwe?

On 8 December a grade seven pupil who was coming from writing her Zimsec exam was reportedly stoned to death by a mentally ill person called Derick in Gweru.

The suspected ritual killing of Tapiwa Makore junior, the murder of 2 adults by an 18 year old and the death of four kids in Chivhu who were killed by their own mother is just a fraction of  examples of scary murders that took place around the country this year alone.

Many people are filled with mistrust among the people in the society and family bonds are being destroyed.

Communities and societies need to maintain ubuntu and come together as societies to make sure that dangerous ill people like Derick can be noticed while growing up and sent to mental homes.

Futures are being destroyed, Tapiwa Makore who was said to be a bright boy by his mother, the grade seven pupil Natasha who died holding a paper revising for the next exam agriculture paper 1  and the four kids that were killed by their mother in Chivhu all had hopes to live but that will never be possible now.

Zimbabweans are left with unanswered questions considering the  violent deaths that has happened so far.




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