Police To Monitor Distribution Of Pfumvudza

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), says they have started monitoring the movement of the Presidential Pfumvunza agricultural inputs following the arrest of suspects accused to have been involved in the theft and misuse of the inputs.

In a statement yesterday, ZRP urged farmers to report anyone who misuse the inputs as they are not for sale.

“The Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement has made it clear that the Pfumvudza inputs are not for sell. In this regard, the public should report all beneficiaries, officials and individuals who are approaching farmers to acquire the inputs for resale in hardwares and shops in the country.” The statement read.

The ZRP applauded members of the public for reporting criminal activities around the distribution of Prumvunza inputs.

“Police commanders in all parts of the country have been put on high alert to ensure that all suspects are accounted for,

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police applauds members of the public who are coming forward with information with regards to theft of Pfumvudza inputs.” The statement further read.

The whole country has been receiving surplus rains so far and this farming season and farmers are predicting a bumper harvest.

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