Malawi To “Extradite” Bushiri Back to SA

Reports has it that Malawi’s Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo-Banda has signed the extradition papers for Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary.

The Bushiris are wanted in South Africa on charges relating to a multi-million rand fraud and money laundering.

Earlier this month the South African government served Malawi with the extradition offer after the Bushiri’s contravened their bail conditions and fled to their home country Malawi from South Africa.

The submission followed a request for a provisional arrest which was sent through the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) in terms of Article 10 of the SADC Protocol.

However, a High Court in Lilongwe, Malawi will now have to issue a warrant of arrest for the two to be detained and sent back to South Africa.


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