About 500 Students Tested Positive For Corona Virus In 2020

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told the nation to prepare for schools opening any time from now.

The President made the remarks yesterday afternoon when he was giving an update on the Covid- 19 lockdown.

However the nation is concerned about the preparedness of the government to protect teachers and students against the Covid-19.

According to figures released by the Education Ministry, at least 500 students across the country in 2020 tested positive for the Covid -19.

However, none of the pupils succumbed to the deadly respiratory disease.

In an interview, Taungana Ndoro, the communications director in the Education Ministry, said statistics availed to government from across the country show that none of the infected students after contracting the coronavirus and are expected to join pupils when classes reopen.

“No student has died from Covid-19. There were about 500 students who tested Covid-19 positive and all of them have recovered,” said Ndoro.

When schools reopened for the third term in 2020, there was a spike in new Covid-19 infections in some schools especially those with boarding facilities. As a result, some schools were forced to close earlier to avoid a rise in new infections.


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