Mixed Feelings Over Mohadi’s Resignation Letter

The resignation of former Vice President, Kembo Mohadi has left the nation with mixed feelings as some are viewing the way he wrote the letter as a bad example to the nation.

Newspaper publisher and news editor, Trevor Ncube described the letter as “an excellent example of how not to write a resignation letter, farewell letter etc.”

Kembo Mohadi resigned following allegations of sexual relations with married women.

The former Vice President whose resignation letter was released yesterday said the allegations were false and only meant to tarnish his image.

In the resignation letter the former Vice President labelled himself as a victim of circumstances saying,  “I am a victim of information distortion, voice cloning, and sponsored spooking and political sabotage.

“Digital media, in their hybridity, have been abused by my enemies to blackmail me, but my spirit will never die.” He said.

However, the online paper, Zimlive that released the information to the general public claims that the information was accurate and they have supporting evidence.

Posting on their twitter handle, Zimlive said, ” #LIAR Vice President Kembo Mohadi claims his phone was hacked, his voice cloned, or alternatively its all fake. We dare him to take us to court as we re run the audios of his calls to married and vulnerable women. It’s not exhaustive.”

Meanwhile, political scientist and former education Minister, Jonathan Moyo blames President Emmerson Mnangagwa for announcing Mohadi’s resignation letter late thereby breeching s96(2) of the constitution.

“Given the disclosure by Deputy Chief Secretary George Charamba that, AS A MATTER OF FACT, former VP Mohadi resigned by written notice to the President LAST WEEK, President Mnangagwa BREACHED s96(2) of the Constitution by not giving public notice of the resignation WITHIN 24HRS!” Jonathan Moyo posted on his twitter account.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba using his Jamwanda account had posted on social media that, ” CONTRARY TO DOMINANT NARRATIVES IN THE MEDIA, former Vice President K.C.D Mohadi, handed in his resignation letter to the appointing authority, His Excellence the President, Cde ED Mnangagwa, A WEEK AGO. Let history record this statement of fact.”

Former Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s resignation broke the record as he became the first Vice President to ever resign in Zimbabwe.


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