Twitter and Facebook To Imitate Clubhouse

Clubhouse, a social networking app, has gained popularity for letting people gather in audio chat rooms to talk about various topics.

According to reports, Facebook is building an audio chat product similar to Clubhouse and twitter is testing out its new feature – Spaces- that allows up to 10 people to gather via an audio chat function.

As new entrant on the block Clubhouse App’s popularity soars, its primary feature of enabling audio-based chatrooms has giants like Facebook and Twitter looking to clone it or compete with it.

Clubhouse is an invite-only app, structured as a series of “rooms,” where speakers lead discussions in front of audiences who can also be called on to participate. Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, the founders of the firm, which is often referred to as A16Z a play on the letters in its name host their own show on Clubhouse.

They also regularly show up in other rooms, and A16Z’s other partners encourage people from their wide range of contacts to hold court. The entire thing can resemble a smartphone-based version of the conferences and salons that venture capitalists rely on to burnish their thought-leader credentials and build hype for projects.

Clubhouse which has more than 10 million users is spawning competition from Twitter and Facebook, which are experimenting with similar products.

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