Police Launch Man Hunt For Child Abuser

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has appealed to the public to help them locate a woman who has been circulating in a video on social media kicking and battering a little boy.

ZRP said anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of the woman should report to the nearest police station.

“The ZRP has taken notice of a disturbing video circulating on social media, where an unidentified woman is seen severely battering an infant.

“Police are appealing for information from members of the public which may lead to the identity of the victim, suspect, date and place of occurrence.

“Anyone with information may contact any nearest Police Station or the National Complaints Desk on 0242-703631 or WhatsApp 0712 800 197.” The police said.

In the horrifying video, the woman is seen stepping on the little boy, kicking him, picking him up and throwing him hard to the ground heinously.

The video was not taken at a close range hence the audio was not clear to identify what the woman was saying.

However rumor has it that the video was shot in Uganda and not in Zimbabwe.


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