University Fees Increased

The government has approved tertiary fees increase by 250 percent following proposals by tertiary institutions.

Universities have announced their new fees structure which will see students paying between $25 000 and $40 000 per semester from an average of $9000 per semester.

Some students are not in agreement with the new fees structure saying  the fees are unaffordable for many students and many will end up dropping before they finish their degrees.

One student from the University of Zimbabwe said students should be afforded payment plans so that they will be able to pay the much increased  fees.

“We are waiting to be told the actual price, but it might force us to defer for a year maybe doing hustles to pay for our school fees, however if they arrange the issue of payment plan it may be the solution for us.’’ He said.

Students are appealing to the government to implement payment plans for students.

‘’We appeal to the government to implement payment plans for students, to prevent most of the students from deferring , our parents do not earn much , therefore it becomes hard for them to pay the fees in time.’’ A student representative at Great Zimbabwe University said.

Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Amon Murwira yesterday said new fees proposals have been approved.

‘’Universities brought their fees adjustments proposals and as the ministry, through all consultation processes we approved the fees proposals in February.’’ Prof Murwira said.

Professor Murwira added that the government only approves proposals from tertiary institutions  and fees are adjusted annually in January when there is need.

Mr Murwira said fees revisions are done by committees for universities and they submit to the ministry for approval.

He made it clear that the ministry does not directly hike fees and approvals are done annually.

‘’The ministry does not directly hike fees , Its either we disagree or agree. Our adjustments are based on set processes.

“Once we agree on fees hike at the beginning of the year even if the economy thrives, institutions are to maintain the proposed fees as the approvals are done  annually,’’ said Mr Murwira.

Last year the government increased University fees to $5 000 per semester depending on the course while tuition was set between $500 and $1500 per semester.

Minister Murwira defended the fees rise saying they were reasonable and commensurate with the increase in civil servants salaries.


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