Another Gruesome Murder Occurs In Murehwa

Another gruesome murder recently occurred in Murehwa, leaving villagers shell shocked and with many unanswered questions.

The gruesome murder is said to have occurred on the 1st of March at Zhakata village, under Chief Mangwende, the same chief in whose jurisdiction the now infamous murder of 7yr old Tapiwa Makore also took place last year.

Four men were arrested and are facing murder charges.

Leonard Jambwa (28) of Makuwaza Village, Jacob Maunde (28) of Masaraure Village, Spencer Dube (21) of Zhakata Village and Adrian  Kugara (23) also of Zhakata village appeared before Marondera Magistrate Chiedza Gatsi and Prosecutor Beatrice Mukaro on the 3rd of March for bail ruling, after an application was made for further remand.

Three of the accused namely  Leonard Jambwa, Spencer Dube and Adrian Kugara were released on bail and ordered to report weekly at ZRP Murehwa pending trial as part of their bail conditions while the fourth accused Jacob Maunde is  still in custody and will appear before the court for plea recording.

Our sources say that on the fateful day, the now deceased Clever Muduri arrived at a local village drinking spot in the company of his father with the intention of having a drink. It is said that he then spotted the four suspects who were also having a drink at the same place and confronted one of them, accusing him of dating his younger sister, who is a minor.

A scuffle is said to have then ensured with the four suspects joining forces to attack Clever, who was overpowered and fell to the ground from where the suspects continued to assault using machetes. Sensing danger, Clever’s father is said to have rushed in to try and defend his son but was also attacked by the suspects and sustained serious injuries.

The injured were taken to Kadzere village clinic from were they were transferred to Murehwa hospital were Clever was pronounced dead upon arrival. He reportedly died from the injuries he sustained in the attack. He was laid to rest in his village.

”Clever came to confront them about why one of them was dating his sister, who is underage, but they were drunk and so couldn’t reach an understanding. A fight then broke out which resulted in Clever falling to the ground and they started assaulting him while he lay there. His father tried to defend him and was also attacked and sustained serious injuries. ” Said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Mashonaland East Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Mbauya confirmed the incident but declined to comment as he said he was on leave. He referred our reporter to another Police official who also declined to comment and instead referred all questions to the national Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

Assistant Commissioner Nyati hadn’t responded to our enquiries at the time of publication as he said he was in meetings and would respond when out.

Villagers are said to be alarmed at the rising cases of gruesome murders in the area and have reportedly sought audience with local traditional leaders to try and find ways of putting a stop to it.

More to follow.



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