Magufuli Death A Major Blow For ED

The Death of Tanzanian President John Magufuli Is a huge loss for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Administration as Magufuli was the most vocal African leader  who advocated for the removal of sanctions imposed by western countries against Zimbabwe.

In his condolences message, ED said the untimely death of former Tanzanian President John Magufuli robbed Zimbabwe of a true friend and a Pan-Africanist who offered unwavering support in his call for the removal of the illegal economic sanctions that were imposed on Zimbabwe by Western nations.

“Zimbabwe will remember him for his unwavering support for the regional call for the lifting of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, and it was under his leadership as the chairperson of SADC that the region set aside October 25 as the day for SADC to stand in solidarity in calling for the removal of sanctions. His principled and selfless stance endeared him to all the people of Zimbabwe. His dedication to duty and achievements will forever be remembered alongside those of other great African leaders.” ED said.

During his tenure Magufuli is hailed for championing Africans’ well being which included denouncing the sanctions which were imposed by western countries against Zimbabwe.

At the 39th SADC summit in Dar es Salaam in 2019, President Magufuli called for unconditional removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe so as to free its people from the burden that hindered development.

“These sanctions have not only affected the people of Zimbabwe and their Government but the entire region. It is like a human body: when you chop one of its parts it affects the whole body.

“Therefore, I would like to seize this opportunity to urge the international community to lift sanctions it imposed on Zimbabwe. This brotherly country after all has now opened a new chapter and it is ready to engage with the rest of the world. It is therefore, I believe, in the interest of all parties concerned to see these sanctions removed.” Magufuli said in his file address.

On a State visit to Zimbabwe in 2019 the late Tanzanian President also reiterated that sanctions had to be removed, to enable Zimbabwe to develop.

“This embargo should be reconsidered and removed, so that the people of Zimbabwe can enjoy their life and develop their country.” Magufuli said.

In his address as the outgoing SADC chairperson at the 40th SADC Ordinary Summit Heads of States and Government that was virtually hosted by Mozambique last year, the late Magufuli said the whole region would benefit if sanctions were removed.

“It is my strong belief that our nations will benefit if sanctions on Zimbabwe are lifted. It will offer an invaluable contribution not only to Zimbabwe but to the entire continent. These are some of the achievements we have been able to achieve during the past year.

“During the 39th summit, we (SADC) passed the resolution to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe, which were imposed since 2001. In that resolution we approved October 25 of every year to be a special day against sanctions in Zimbabwe where member states will be conducting various activities including preparing dialogues and declarations against the sanctions on Zimbabwe.”

The President flew to Tanzania to join other Africans and world leaders for yesterday’s memorial service for former Tanzanian President John Magufuli who died in office of a heart ailment on Wednesday.




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