Government Strengthens Surveillance At Boarder Posts

Government says it will tighten boarder security ahead of the Easter holidays to minimize transmission of the Covid -19 virus.

The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa during a post-cabinet media briefing in Harare yesterday, said boarder posts were fertile ground for transmission of the respiratory disease.

“As the nation approaches Easter holidays, Cabinet notes that there is a like hood of increased internal and cross-boarder movement of people, which may provide fertile ground for increased transmission,’’ Minister Mutsvangwa said.

She added that, the Ministry of Health and Child Care is strengthening surveillance and case management.

‘’In this regard, the Ministry of Health and Child Care is strengthening surveillance, case management, and risk communication of Easter Holidays.’’ She said.

She reported that, government had also given the green light to driving schools, the traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and the Vehicle Inspectorate Department to resume operations strictly adhering to approved standard operating procedures and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to curb the spread of Covid- 19.

Mutsvagwa said, government was considering the reopening of casinos after a long period of closure.

Furthermore, on legislation, the Information Minister said the government had approved the Copper Control Amendment Bill, which seeks to impose 30- year jail sentences on copper cable thieves without the option of a fine.

”Convicted copper thieves will now be liable to imprisonment for a period of less than 30 years without the option of a fine.” She said.

She added that, any vehicle used illegally will be taken by the state.

”In addition, ant vehicle or device used illegally to transport copper will now be forfeited by the government,” Mutsvagwa said.

Zimbabwe’s Covid- 19 cases stood at 36 684 infections and 1 512 deaths as of yesterday morning.


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