Swetch On In Reality

Zimbabwe Young People’s Program (Youth Association) has yesterday launched a mobile application called Swetch On with five features that are integrated on one application.

Speaking during the launch, Zimbabwe Youth Association President, Tinashe Nyangunzu said Swetch will enhance transparency on the mobile application which he said is more than a friend and more than a currency.

President Tinashe said the application will be operating locally for the mean time.

”Charity begins at home, For now we are focusing with Zimbabweans and with time we will globalize.” He said.

He added that, Swetch On mobile application will have five features that are integrated on the application.

”They are five features that are integrated on one application which are stores, chat, chatroom, advertisement and the mood scanner and this makes life easier as everything can be done whilst one is seated at home.” He said.

The President Of the Youth Association added that they will engage in training the youths in Zimbabwe to stand on their own and to do business with Swetch On to curb the spread of Covid- 19.

Asked by this reporter weather Swetch On is for everyone, he said, ”Swetch On Is for everyone, as we encourage people to do business formally and we shall be engaged in phases in order to visit people in rural areas and inform them particularly about us. ”He added.

Meanwhile, Ambassadors P T Musaka chief Director in the ministry of Foreign Affairs who was a guest of honor during the event said her company will start to do business with Swetch On.

Other guest of honor Mr Nathel Gruman who is the Director of Fresh Sense Zimbabwe and CEO of Real Perls Consultant Muchaneta, Ms Rose Muchengeti added that their companies will start to register for business with Swetch On and congratulated the president whom they promised to give their support.

The guests were impressed by the mood scanner that the Swetch On has.



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