MDC Alliance On A Huge Financial Blow

”Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Aliiance has suffered a huge financial blow as the High Court on Tuesday ruled that the MDC Alliance in not a political party and stopped Treasury from disbursing money to the party.

The MDC Alliance which was formed on 05 August 2017 as a coalition of seven political parties, with the MDC-T and People’s Democratic Party included is feared to grow broke after this ruling.

Last year in March 2020 , the Supreme Court declared that Chamisa’s election as MDC-T president was null and void as it was in violation of the party’s constitution.

Advocate Chamisa has been battling to stop Mwonzora’s MDC-T from accessing funds given to political parties with five or more MPs in Parliament after the Supreme Court ruling.

In its application, the MDC Alliance had sought an interim court order to stop the Finance ministry from disbursing $299 970 000 which was allocated to the MDC-T under the Political Parties (Finance) Act.

Furhtermore, it was reported that Chamisa had also lost a bid to stop the recall of MDC Alliance MPs and councillors by Mwonzora.



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