World Leaders Want To Be Vaccinated In Zimbabwe – ED

President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe’s vaccination program has become a success so much that some world leaders are begging him to come to the country to get the jabs locally.

The President said people from other countries may receive the jab at a cost, unlike locals who are vaccinated free of charge.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Mr Nick Mangwana confirmed on twitter what the President said at the state house on Saturday.

”As long as you are Zimbabwean, weather you live in Diaspora or home, if you wish to have the vaccine in Zimbabwe, it will be for free. But if you are a foreigner and you want to have the vaccine in Zimbabwe, then you can have it but there is a cost element attached.” The post reads.

Mnangagwa said world leaders want to be vaccinated in Zimbabwe as they are sure that Zimbabwe is doing well.

”I have been approached by several countries as well as organizations and individuals wanting to send their leaders to Zimbabwe to be vaccinated because they think that we are doing well”. He said.

He added that, vaccination is a human element where everyone can not be denied weather they are Zimbabweans or not.

He said so far more than 150 000 people have been vaccinated mainly with vaccinations developed by Chinese pharmaceutical companies.




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