Confederation of African Football Fines ZIFA

The Zimbabwe Football Association has been slapped with a 2 000 United States Dollar fine by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for lack of technical facilities at the National Sports Stadium.

In a letter sent to ZIFA, CAF cited non-fixing of individual spectator seats in all sectors and the stadium’s general uncleanliness as the reasons for the latest sanction.

CAF stadium requirements stipulate that seats for spectators must be individual, fixed to the floor, shaped, numbered, made of an unbreakable and non-flammable material, and have a backrest of a minimum height of thirty centimetres when measured from the seat.

With the country now facing the grim possibility of playing home matches abroad, ZIFA confirmed on its website that it has notified the Sports and Recreation Commission as the stadium authority, in a bid to have the ongoing innovations expedited.

The Warriors have played two matches under the provisional homologation window granted by CAF in 2020 when football resumed.

The Warriors are scheduled to play a World Cup qualifier at home against South Africa between 5 and 8 June 2021.

Source: ZBC News


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