Police Warn Covid- 19 Regulations Violators

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned those on the wrong side defying Covid-19 national lockdown regulations saying those going on beer halls as well as those attending braai parties at restaurants and beerhalls are likely to run into legal hot soup.

In a statement yesterday, National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati said police will name and shame the errant operators.

”The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that  the holding of braai parties and beer drinking sprees at bars, beerhalls and restaurants is banned under the Government’s Covid-19 regulations. All operators who continue to defy Covid-19 health and safety measures will face severe penalties as outlined by the Government and should not cry foul on arrest by the police. The police will also name and shame the errant operators.” The statement reads.

He added that, members of the public that will be found drinking  beer at bars will be arrested by the police.

”Members of the public found drinking beer at bars, beerhalls and restaurants will also be arrested by the police and made to face the due processes of the law.” Said Ass Comm Nyati.

Police have also warned the public including college and university students who hold parties at home without respecting the curfew that the  law will take its course on them.


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