Private Sector Embrace Covid 19 Vaccination Programme

The Private Sectors has geared up on the COVID-19 Vaccination Program that has seen members of the private sector getting the vaccination in Harare today.

Speaking during the launch, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro said the private sector was playing a big role in supporting the Covid-19 vaccination initiative.

“From the onset of the pandemic the private sector, represented by the Business Member Organisations, has played an important role in complementing Government’s efforts to combat this pandemic and ensure we have well equipped facilities to offer healthcare services to citizens affected by the novel coronavirus, “he said.

Dr John Mangwiro appreciated the private sector’s support, reiterating that the private sector provided various equipment to reduce and combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Private sector has supported the Ministry’s COVID-19 testing initiatives, promoted and implemented the preventative and treatment protocols laid down by the Ministry in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines and contributed to the equipping of both private and public health facilities to ensure they offer appropriate treatment to COVID-19 patients who require it. Indeed, the private sector has risen to the challenge and of its own volition joined in the battle to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and its effects on those infected,” said Dr Mangwiro.

He also added that government is happy because they have managed to overcome a lot of Covid-19 complications but he added that people have to continue following Covid-19 prevention measures.

“We are fortunate to have been spared the huge number of infections and deaths being experienced in some other parts of the world. However, we must not be complacent,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Health also urged Zimbabweans to continue adhering to Covid-19 preventive protocols insisting that Zimbabweans should continue following the Covid-19 guidelines to avoid recording more deaths.

“The results of complacency can be seen in the frightening escalation we experienced in both confirmed infections and deaths at the beginning of the year, necessitating tightening the lockdown again. It should serve as a warning to those who still do not take the disease seriously that we are not immune from the consequences that some other nations have experienced and are experiencing, “he added.

The event was hosted by different private sector companies that include the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe National Chamber Of Commerce, Confederation Of Zimbabwe Industries, The Chamber Of Mines and insurance council of Zimbabwe among others.

The Private Sector move is an important project which will sustain government’s efforts to combat the Covid-19  pandemic.



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