Farmers Warned Against Selling Grain To Middlemen

With the expected maize yield having doubled in most provinces this season, farmers have been urged to deliver their produce to the Grain Marketing Board and avoid the risk of being duped by unscrupulous buyers.

Manicaland Province’s maize hectarage increased from 237 000 to 280 000 hectares this year with the yield expected to double after a good rainy season.

A field day in Makoni this Saturday saw Manicaland Provincial Agritex Officer, Mrs Phillipa Rwambiwa calling on farmers to be wary of unscrupulous grain buyers.

“The success of the 2020-2021 farming season must be accompanied by good marketing and selling practices which ensure farmers get real value for their crop. It is prudent that farmers sell their maize to GMB to avoid being ripped off by middlemen,” she said.

Agronomists and other agriculture promotion experts have also noted with concern the proliferation of side marketers that rip off farmers.

The success of this farming season has been largely attributed to increased government support and a good rainy season.

Source: ZBC News


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