Police Clears Air On Zupco For School Bus Rumor

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says they wish to correct what their counterpart, acting Bulawayo provincial spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said last week, that all school buses must be registered under the Zimbabwe United Passengers Association (Zupco).

In a statement, police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi said school buses are not entitled to be registered under Zupco, as long as they have proper registration.

“In enforcing the Government’s Covid -19 regulations on transporters, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will ensure that company and school owned buses which have the requisite documents, proof of ownership and all relevant registration processes are allowed passage at road blocks and check points.” He said.

Acting Bulawayo Provincial spokesperson, Ass Inspector Msebele last week had said, “As police, we say there is no selective application of law hence staff buses and vehicles ferrying school children not contracted under ZUPCO are not allowed to operate. Some of these commuter omnibuses are not even contracted by the companies or schools that they claim to be serving. This kind of operation is illegal as only those commuter omnibuses that are contracted to ZUPCO are allowed to operate.”

However Ass Commissioner Nyathi said if schools intend to hire non zupco buses, they should first register with the relevant Ministry.

“Companies and schools which intend to hire kombis or buses which are not under Zupco franchise to transport workers should first seek clearance from the relevant Ministry and Zupco. This will assist law enforcement officers in the maintenance of law and order on the roads.” The statement further read.

The government banned the operation of Kombis and buses that are not registered under Zupco in March last year so as to curb the spread of the Covid-19. Most people are however arguing that the ban of Kombis has left a lot of people jobless in an already high unemployment rate country.


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