Chelsea Sets Tactics To Manage Ramos Ahead Of UCL 2nd leg

Chelsea Head Coach, Thomas Tuchel says they are not worried about Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos who is being assumed to be in the first eleven of the Spanish side insisting that they will fully prepare to face the Real Madrid captain today at Stamford Bridge.

The match will be played tonight.

In a press media briefing, Thomas Tuchel said his side has nothing to be frightened of because they managed to be in the semi finals for a reason and he reiterated that it will be a challenge to face Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos.

However he assured that they will be fully prepared for the veteran European Defender.

“We can trust ourselves and we have the right to be in the semi finals and absolutely, we have no fear to face this challenge because we deserve to be there.

“On this level, this is the lesson whether Ramos play or not this is a tough question because l simply don’t know it, we will see after training. There can be changes because of Ramos. He is the captain of the most successful teams in Europe in the last year so it changes a lot but we can not lose our heads about this decision. I think that he will start and we will prepare for that ensuring that he can not do it alone.”  said Tuchel.

The French Cup winner reiterated that his side had nothing to worry about in the second leg match emphasizing that they were not under pressure because they had already secured an away goal when they visited the Spanish side.

Tuchel added that the rest of his squad was fit to rub shoulders with Real Madrid except Matteo Kovacic whom he said was still recovering from the injury.

” We are aware of the challenges that are ahead of us but we have to arrive with full squad in good shape, with a good performance like what we did in the first leg so we have nothing to worry about, nothing to regret and we are enjoying training to be ready for the game.

“For the injuries l can just give you the situation right now which is that Matteo Kovacic will not be in the squad but l think Tony will play with a mask because he trained yesterday with a mask everybody else trained so hopefully we do not have any other injuries from the training which means that everybody will be available for the clash except Matteo Kovacic.” added Tuchel.

Chelsea and Real Madrid first leg match ended in a stalemate when these two European giants ended their match in a 1-1 score line last week.

Chelsea is entering today’s match with confidence as they are at an advantage side because they managed to secure an away goal when they visited Real Madrid last Tuesday, however Madrid boasts of their captain Sergio Ramos whom they assume is going to turn the tables in the second leg.

Sergio Ramos did not play in the first leg match against Chelsea because he had attained an injury.

Meanwhile Real Madrid will have to be on the front foot as they would be in search of at least a couple of goals. A 0-0 draw would mean that Chelsea would go through to the finals. A 1-1 draw would take the game to extra time. Hence, the onus would be on Zidane’s men to take the game to Chelsea from the first whistle.





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