Fuel Prices Up Again

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced fuel prices that are effective from 5 May 2021.

Zera advised that the fuel prices on their social media platforms.

The prices to be effective are as follows:

Diesel 50 (ZWL/Litre)

Blend (E20)/litre)

Blend (E20)/Litre) Maximum Pump Price 111.43112.621.321.33

Last month, Zera also reviewed prices as follows:

Diesel 50 (ZWL/Litre)-

$111.77 Blend (ZWL/Litre)

$112.96 Diesel 50 (USD/Litre)

$1.32 Blend (USD/Litre)-$1.34

Meanwhile, stakeholders are advised that, the petroleum price releases by ZERA can be verified on the official ZERA website, WhatsApp, Facebook and on Twitter.

“Operators may however, sell at prices below the cap depending on their trading advantages,” Zera said.


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