Opposition Leader Defends ED

Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) leader, Herbet Chamuka has warned other opposition parties to desist from using President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name for political mileage.

Chamuka who hailed Mnangagwa from his homestead in Zvishavane said security forces sometimes use harsh and undemocratic methods to disperse demonstrations.

He said that when security forces abuse citizens the blame is shifted to President Mnangagwa whom the opposition leader insisted that he will not be involved in all those human rights violation, however Chamuka reiterated that his party will not tolerate human rights violations by security forces.

“Especially the police support unit, sometimes they use button sticks, water cannons, spray guns, and live bullets in the streets, shooting at demonstrators. These demonstrators are people with nothing, they are innocent civilians. We condemn this as the Ideas Party of Democracy. What you will be doing is bad for president Mnangagwa. It looks like you are fixing the country by beating them but you are making the president’s leadership look bad.” he said.

Chamuka added that security forces brutality were now portraying President Mnangagwa as a dictator to European countries while apologizing to the Zanu PF first secretary insisting that he is being held subject of “crimes ” he did not commit by European countries.

“When he goes to European countries, they say he beat up the people. Mnangagwa has never beaten up anyone. So I want to apologize to the president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, most of these crimes were not committed by you. But I encourage the president to intervene quickly so that things can be well in the country,” he said.

He reiterated that President Mnangagwa is a generous person adding that people take Mnangagwa’s silence as an advantage to accuse him of many wrong doings.

“Mnangagwa’s hands are clean but people took advantage of his silence. If you look at the Zanu-PF party during the Robert Mugabe era, most people pointed fingers at him! If Tsvangirai had died during the time of severe demonstrations in Zimbabwe. He is not to blame for the Gukurahundi, he wasn’t leading the massacre,” Chamuka said.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader weighed in on the Constitutional Amendment No 2 saying it is giving excessive power to Mnangagwa.

“What troubles me in Zimbabwe is that we are always amending bills, on a regular basis. This can be very troubling for us. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we will be able to contest the 2023 presidential elections due to these amendments. There might be a law that limits us to contest.

“It won’t be surprising to hear them saying we need US$ 2 million for one to contest the elections. Most of us are poor but they want to lead this country because they have better ideas.

“So we are pleading with the Mnangagwa regime not to make it difficult for politicians to also exercise their rights,” he added.

The amendment No 2 sailed through Senate and is awaiting presidential ascent to become an Act.

Chamuka’s Remarks come after Mnangagwa’s government is being accused of violating human rights by European countries.

European Countries like America and Britain have continuously punished Mnangagwa’s administration with economic sanctions insisting that Mnangagwa is abusing human rights and freedom of Zimbabwean people and as a result,  this  has crippled the Zimbabwean economy and portrayed Zimbabwe as a dangerous destination for European Investors.

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