Teachers Forced To Attend Zanu-Pf Rallies

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ATUZ) has on Monday claimed that its members during the weekend were forced to attend ZANU-PF rallies in Mutoko and then forced to register to vote for the ruling party.

Posting on their twitter handle, the union claimed that teachers affiliated to Artuz were refusing to go back to their workstations fearing victimisation.

”Over the weekend, members of Zanu Pf terrorised some teachers in Mutoko district, forcing them to register as part of the five million voters for Zanu Pf. In some cases. Zanu Pf had all details of the teachers, they just visited to confirm. In kangande, teachers were forced to attend rally” The post reads.

They added that, a total of 31 teachers reported the incident through their hotline.

”A total of 31 teachers reported through our hotline. Our rapid response team is in Mutoko assessing the safety of some teachers who refused to attend the Kagande meeting and those who refused to register as Zanu Pf voters for 2023.” The post reads.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president, Takavafira Zhou echoed the Artuz report, saying they are also witnessing a sad situation.

”We are also witnessing a sad situation where village heads are teaming up with school development committee members and are evicting the incapacitated teachers from the school accommodation.” He said.




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