Liverpool Boosts UCL Qualification Next Season

Liverpool has increased it’s chances of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League next season when they defeated Manchester United 4-2 at Old Trafford yesterday.

The reds who managed to secure fifth position last night are now six points behind third placed Leicester and four points behind forth placed Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Leicester who are fourth and third placed in the premier league are going to feel the pressure on the race for the top four qualification after the Reds success.

Despite the poor performance that Liverpool experienced in recent weeks, the Reds have suddenly sprung into life. Champions League football is in their sights, the door is open and Jurgen Klopp’s men look ready to barge their way through it.

Furthermore, three more wins should do it for Liverpool as the reds are going to play West Brom on Sunday, Burnley on Wednesday and Crystal Palace.

Nevertheless, If Liverpool manage to secure nine points on their remaining games chances are high that they will be able to secure a place in top four given that Chelsea and Leicester who are third and forth placed in the premier league are going to meet at Stamford Bridge next Tuesday.





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