Parents Complain Over Extra Lessons

Kambuzuma residents are complaining over teachers’ home extra lessons arguing that the ways the lessons are conducted is not safe in this Covid -19 pandemic.

They say the extra lessons are being done in uncomfortable places like garages and small rooms were children will be over crowded.

Kambuzuma Section 3 residents who spoke with 263times over the weekend said most of the teachers doing extra lessons do not teach in schools.

”Most of the teachers conducting extra lessons here in Kambuzuma do not conduct lessons at school. Our children reports every day that teachers are not teaching, we are then forced to pay money for the extra lessons but there is a risk of Covid- 19 infections as they are no longer following the preventive measures.” One parent said.

Another parent stated the money that teachers are charging for conducting extra lessons is very high.

”These teachers charge USD$12 per month for grade 1 to 5 and USD$20 for grade 6 to 7 per month which is a lot of money, if they were learning in schools we would not be worried unless one needs special attention.” He said.

Another parent suggested that its better to conduct extra lessons in schools where there is a conducive environment.

”It is better for them to conduct the extra lessons in schools where there is a conducive environment unlike in their homes, that way we will be safe, we will only focus in finding money to pay the extra lessons without fear of getting Covid -19 from our children.” Amai Tarie said.

It seems that most people have forgotten that Covid-19 is still among us and they are now living negligently and this can trigger an increase in cases of the novel corona virus.



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