Sithembiso Nyoni To Implement Empowerment Projects For Women

Minister Of Women Affairs Community, Small and medium Enterprises Development Dr Sithembiso Nyoni says she will implement and promote development projects that empower women.

Dr Sithembiso Nyoni said this on commemorations of the International Families Day which is celebrated on 15 May of every year.

Hon Nyoni insisted that her ministry was focused on supporting development programs that promote and empower women adding that family unit and support was an important thing to succeed.

“My Ministry is mandated to coordinate and implement programmes that promote women empowerment, gender equality, community development, SMEs and Cooperative development. In absence of a compact family, my task as a Minister would be difficult to accomplish hence my ministry’s success depends on the existence of families,” she said.

She also castigated gender violence on families adding that women are special in the family hence there is need to respect them.

Furthermore, Hon Sithembiso Nyoni highlighted on the issue of girl child abuse and urged various organizations to protect girls in families reiterating that this will ensure peace and facilitate development in the country.

“It will not be fair to be silent on gender based violence issues when l speak of a family because for generations, women have been pillars in the family institution, but they have received so much violence and some have lost their lives.

“Families are also facing challenges of girl child pregnancies, drug abuse, migration of heads of households and guardians and poverty hence let me call upon all Ministries, Development partners, organizations, religious groups and the private sector to ensure that we all restore respect, establish justice, and reduce the causes of conflict in the families because it is the surest way to peace and sustainable development,” she added.

Dr Nyoni also said that International Family Day national launch will be held virtually on the 19TH of May adding that after the launch, district commemorations will be organized to honor families.

The International Day of Families came into effect through the United Nations Resolution 47/237 of 20 September 1993, which reaffirms that the family unit is a natural and fundamental entity in society as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women.


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