Teachers Unions Vow To Take Zanu-Pf Head On

Teachers have accused the ruling party (ZANU PF) of forcing them to attend their rallies in Mutoko and vowed to take ZANU PF head-on.

In a statement on twitter, The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) said they are willing to fight the ruling party following an alleged series of victimisation.

”We will no longer complain, we are taking this one head-on. Teachers cant be perennial victims in an independent country. A Zanu PF cde called *Kahonde* is moving in schools in Wedza district forcing teachers to form Zanu-PF cells and threatening them.” #SaveOurEducationZw” They said.

ATUZ  attached a photo of one Kahonde who is allegedly harassing teachers.

The union captioned the photo as follows: ”This is Kahonde who is disrupting learning in Wedza schools forcing teachers to attend his ZANU-PF meetings. His mobile is going unanswered we have friendly advice for him.” The post reads.

Last week, the union reported that their members were forced to attend ZANU PF rallies in Mutoko.



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