Masvingo Bondolfi College Declared Covid -19 Hotspot

The Ministry of health and child care has declared Bondolfi Teachers College in Masvingo a Covid-19 hotspot with 18 positive cases recorded as of 21 May 2021.

In a statement, the Ministry of health said one student was first tested positive of the corona virus on May 21 and later spread the virus to other students.

“Following a report of a Covid -19 positive case on 21/05/21 of a college student, investigations revealed that most students on campus were declared as potential contacts due to the learning environment of mixing and shifting classes.” Read the statement.
The Ministry of health said Investigations revealed that the infected student had no history of travel outside college campus since schools opened and had no visitors.
They said mass testing was then conducted on 363 borders and 5 nonresidents.
“Of the 16 (14 females and 2 males) who tested positive were asymptomatic except one with a mild sore throat.
“Cumulative positive cases for Bondolfi as of 21/05/21 =18 cases (all students).
There is no confirmed history of travel to Covid 19 hotspot areas and all those who tested positive (contacts).” They said.
The Ministry of health further added that all the 345 students at the college will be put on quarantine for 14 days with no visitors allowed into the campus until the situation is stable unless visit is an emergency authorised by responsible authorities.


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